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Chapter 44

Hitler died 1945 and Stauffenberg is a hero?

I don’t think so!

Let me start with Hitler.

The guy marries a few hours before he commits suicide. Yeah right! What a crap! Makes no sense in hell. Hitler did not kill himself and went into hiding just as Osama Bin Laden did. Theoretically, he could be still alive, and he even could be the SEGNPMSS case officer of Bin Laden or Tim McVeigh or others.

The United States never identified the alleged remains of Hitler.

In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: "We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's death."
Josef Stalin was asked about the "remains of Hitler" and if Hitler would be dead and if he would think that Hitler is dead and he answered with a clear: "No."

Germans are known of working with Doppelgangers. Hitler had allegedly six of them. You can bet the farm that the Nazis "sacrificed" at least one of them if not more just to make sure that if the world was not falling for one of them that there are other dead bodies that they might accept as Hitler. The Nazis killed and burned at least one Doppelganger (probably another Nazi named Gustav) for Hitler and at least one for Eva Braun. On top of it, the corpses were badly charred. Of course. If you want to hide, you better burn "your body" and don't let it lie on a bed for the Allies to examine. Hitler allegedly shot himself but sure enough nobody found any bullet. Nobody saw him pulling any trigger on himself or Eva.

Many historians wrote that Hitler would be indeed dead because the SEGNPMSS radioed them to do so. Without the SEGNPMSS feeding the historians with these false data, they never would have fallen for these Nazi lies.

The witnesses provided many conflicting data, which also is its own evidence that Hitler's death was not true. And the "witnesses" were of course all Nazis. They did anything that the SEGNPMSS or Hitler ordered, so don't be gullible and believe them.

The world did not know Hitler's and Eva Braun's teeth nor had they any chance to compare. The Russians found an assistant of Hitler's dentist. She allegedly located X-ray pictures and dental records of the Nazi leaders. She identified "golden dentures" of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Hard to believe that Eva Braun who was not that old wore golden dentures. The Nazis made these dental records to match. What an easy thing to do for a government that killed Millions of people. Do you really think they were too shy to doctor dental records?

Those teeth belonged to somebody else.

A Soviet Marshal with name Marshal Zhukov even said on a press conference in 1945 that not any mortal remains have been identified as a corpse of Hitler.

And what happened then? The German Nazi psychiatrists and doctors, the SEGNPMSS succeeded with alienating the allies, and they did not share information on progress regarding the search for Hitler's mortal remains but created the Cold War instead. The relationship became so difficult that no further investigation and cooperation was possible.

In 1946, the Soviets allegedly were still searching for Hitler, dead or alive. They found some dead bone pieces in his office but anybody could have planted them there and they could have belong to Gustav or anybody else. DNA tests could be done now but guess what…

The SEGNPMSS controlled KGB urged the Soviet Union leadership to turn the campsite of the alleged dead Hitler and alleged dead Goebbels over to the Germans to incinerate the remains. Brezhnev agreed. They burned the false remains very early in the morning on April 5, 1970.

Why the hurry? Why should these remains not be there when technology is further advanced? That is exactly the reason why these remains were buried in a top secret action: to prevent that advanced technology would reveal that these people were not Hitler, Goebbels and Braun. The remains should have been preserved for all future, particularly because people rightfully doubted that these remains were those of Hitler, Braun, Goebbels and his wife.

The SEGNPMSS is behind the Neo-Nazis. Arguments that the burial ground of alleged Hitler and Goebbels would have become a Neo-Nazi shrine was just an orchestrated justification to get rid of the fake evidence. They could have dislocated the remains to an undisclosed location. But no location would do because they Germans and the KGB knew that it was not Hitler nor Goebbels who was buried there, and advanced technology would document that soon.

Hitler (and the SEGNPMSS) caused the death of many Jews, Americans, Russians, other nationals and minorities. Covering up wrongful remains to let Hitler and other Nazis retire in peace is treason and beyond disgusting by the KGB, by the Soviet leadership and of course by the allegedly new non-Nazi Germany (yeah right!).

German people told me decades ago: "Hitler was so well known. Anybody knew his face, he could not have hid anywhere."

Like Osama Bin Laden who is a lot taller than Hitler was? Our surveillance technology is much more advanced than in the 40s and Bin Laden can hide successfully but Hitler not? Give me a break. Plastic surgery, a new identity, a bunker, a secret other location, this is where Hitler ran off. Just like Bin Laden who is so sure that he isn't caught and protected by the SEGNPMSS that he didn't even bother to stage his death.

SEGNPMSS controlled Wikipedia of course tries to sell people that Hitler committed suicide, You learn more about what kind of information Wikipiggy conceals by going to the history and discussion pages. However, this is not all information there is. Editors that are not approved by the SEGNPMSS are banned from Wikipedia and you won't read anything they have to say on Wikipiggy. (I am banned to write there too.) In other words, you just read on Wikipedia what the SEGNPMSS wants you to read.

So, what about the "hero" Stauffenberg?

He allegedly planned to murder Hitler and was allegedly executed. In the middle of the night of course when nobody can see who and what is being shot. Also, the only "witnesses" to that execution were other Nazis. How "credible" is that? Probably so "credible" as what the SEGNPMSS Holocaust revisionists have to say.

It is possible that there was never any assassination attempt and the entire story is fabricated. But for the sake of argument, say that something was blown up.

I am convinced that if Stauffenberg indeed would have tried to assassinate Hitler, he would have executed Stauffenberg in broad day light and would have filmed his assassination and it would have been used for propaganda purposes. But knowing the Nazis you better suspect just a spectacle that was staged to fool the allies and allow certain Nazis to hide in the underground. The best thing to avoid arrest and justice by the allies was going into hiding and faking execution, suicide, and other deaths.

I know the Germans, I lived among them. I know how they are thinking and how they plot. And they come away with it because the rest of the world allows the SEGNPMSS to run them like robots who no longer pull strings when the SEGNPMSS orders it.

Stauffenberg was a Nazi. There was no good Nazi. That guy followed Hitler's lead and supported him and his insane ideas till to the very end of the defeat of the Third Reich. I think that when it dawned upon him that Germany would be defeated, Stauffenberg tried to save his Nazi-behind by faking his death. He knew that he had no chance against the Commander of the Allied Forces, Dwight David Eisenhower and that he would be arrested and put on trial just like Hitler and other Nazis.

Claus von Stauffenberg was just as twisted and disturbed as other Nazis. He was a war maker and wanted to cancel the peace treaty of Versailles that ended the First World War (Germany started and lost that World War too), and he wanted his insane Germany expanded.

You can find lots of details about this on the web, so I just concentrate on why I am sure that Stauffenberg was not executed:

1) Plotting and staging to mislead other nations and even their own agents is typical for the Germans.

2) Using Doppelganger is also typically German. Doppelganger is even a German word. In other words: SEGNPMSS finds Doppelganger, drugs, e-shocks, and hypnotizes them and executes these Doppelganger instead. In other words: many of those who were sentenced to death by the kangaroo court Volksgerichtshof might have just fulfilled a role for the SEGNPMSS, some kind of alibi function to mislead the world and other Germans. That means that those allegedly executed people might have been furnished with new identities and started new lives and keep on working for the SEGNPMSS.

3) Stauffenberg and his friend canceled the alleged assassination three times because Himmler and Göring should be killed too but then the ridiculous "assassination" took place without Himmler and Göring present. If Stauffenberg and his supporters really would have had true intentions to end the atrocities of the Third Reich, they would have waited till they are indeed all together or planned and executed separate assassinations at the same time to get also rid of the two other monsters who would have become Hitler's replacement in case of his death. He knew that he would not topple the Third Reich by not killing the other two leading Nazis too. In other words, I came to the conclusion that he just was trying to leave a false "legacy" and get himself and his family an alibi for the Allies. Stauffenberg was never a part of any Nazi resistance group, which also gives his real rotten character away.

4) He invaded Poland, Soviet Union, and France on behalf of Hitler to spread the Nazi insanity also to those countries. Man! What a "hero"! If he would have been a hero, he would have joined the Nazi resistance right from the start or/and would have left Germany and worked with other nationals from outside of Germany to stop the insanity in Germany instead of invading other countries on behalf of Hitler.

5) Stauffenberg used explosives that were too weak to kill Hitler. Go figure! Another Nazi named Benz said that Stauffenberg was disturbed by preparing a better bomb. If you want to see Stauffenberg in the most favorable light, this German Nazi "hero" still comes across as the total dilettante. Again, Hitler's successors would have been either Göring and Himmler or both. These two SEGNPMSS monsters would have continued the same sick government that Hitler run. Stauffenberg did not wait for them nor did he and his friend plan separate assassinations to get rid of these future Fuhrers as well. To me, this is a clear indicator that Stauffenberg just tried to "kill" Hitler for his own alibi reasons because he knew that he would have been arrested by the Allies. "Killing Hitler" without his two replacements means not wanting to end the Third Reich just wanting to have an alibi once the Allies move in.

6) He tried to "blow up" Hitler with an explosive that was too weak to kill him and he a SEGNPMSS co-conspirator in the conference room shifted the case with the explosives to another place so that Stauffenberg got his alibi and Hitler would not be hurt. (If it happened at all and if there was any such attempt.) If Stauffenberg would have not just tried just to get an anti-Nazi alibi for himself, he would have planned a real assassination. The SEGNPMSS knows exactly how to ambush people with snipers. Stauffenberg was a soldier. He knew how to operate a gun and likely a machine gun. He also could have poisoned Hitler. But that was not the plan. Nazis wanted to come away and they did. Stauffenberg was a pilot. He could have dropped a bomb or plane on Hitler's head. SEGNPMSS found no shortage of people who flew planes into American buildings in 2001.

8) Why would Hitler go along with a staged assassination attempt? Simple. Hitler was a strawman. The SEGNPMSS ran Hitler. He did whatever they ordered him to d . They told Hitler that Germany would lose the war soon and that certain "Third Reich Executives" want their escape, e.g. faked suicides (just as Hitler did it) or fake executions. Whatever the SEGNPMSS radioed Hitler through his ear implants, he did, including helping fellow top Nazis to come away. Also, failed assassination attempts should discourage others to go really through with it by trying to save their lousy Nazi lives when the Allies moved in. People should think that it is impossible to assassinate Hitler. Staged assassination were under control but what when any Nazi who supported Hitler for so long as Stauffenberg wanted to prove to the Allies that he was no Nazi and indeed would kill Hitler to save the own skin?

9) Through Stauffenberg's ridiculously weak "assassination" attempt, Hitler's life was actually saved because a) others were discouraged trying to kill him b) Hitler could stage his own "suicide" later and get away.

10) I think that Stauffenberg and his friend got away and they were not executed. If anybody was shot at night, it was either a Jew or some mind-controlled lower Nazis who were "sacrificed" for the Nazi leaders.

11) Never forget that Stauffenberg did not oppose any of the insane ideas and actions of Hitler before he knew that Germany would lose the war. That makes Stauffenberg a rotten like hell bad person. If that is the German "hero", then they have none.

12) Stauffenberg discriminated against other nationals and the Jews and called them subhumans. He never tried to salvage Jews and other minorities who were killed in concentration camps since at least 1933. But he continues to support the Nazi-Germany actively and he fought against the Allies who wanted to end it, and finally, after four year of war, in 1943, when he understood that his creepy Germany would be defeated, he suddenly became "critical" of the Third Reich. What a "hero"! I wouldn't want to touch this guy with 5000 mile long stick.

13) He didn't become depressed when Millions of Jews and other minorities were killed in concentration camps or otherwise murdered. He did not become depressed by shooting and killing soldiers of countries that wanted to end the Third Reich. He became depressed when it was clear to him THAT HE FACED ARREST, TRIAL AND EXECUTION BY THE ALLIES and that he might not be salvaged. I am personally sure that he preferred to be pro forma "executed" by his fellow Nazis and disappeared in the underground just as later Hitler, Braun and other Nazis did.

14) I think he was convinced that his family will be spared by the Allies as he played the hero.
You think this is not real?
Well, here is another true story: I grew up in a German household. The head of the household told me that her German cousin married a German physicist. She did not tell me what this physicist did during the Nazi time. They were all young people back then and it is possible that she didn't knew that and met this physicist first when her cousin married. She told me that this physicist was a spy for "the west" and was arrested one day by the STASI and executed. However, somebody else who knew him told his wife years later that he is not dead but lives in Russia and has a new wife and a new family.
There you see, knowing the SEGNPMSS and their set ups makes me personally sure about what Stauffenberg and many other Nazis did.

15) The Germans of course appreciate any Hollywood movie that can be used as apology for their rotten Nazis. They desperately look for "human Nazis" that they did not have. It is particularly important to them to mislead Jews and Americans in that the Nazis were not that bad after all or that there were some good Nazis. The Germans want to come out clean despite their atrocities. They re-write history and pull our legs. They re-define history. They want to lead the world but they continue to deceive, mislead and enslave humanity. They are too twisted and insane to change. They also work on making the characters of people worse. Why do they do it? That's easy. They can't stand good people because they remind them how bad they are. If all people are bad as they are, they don't feel so lonely anymore. They are in denial, they cowards, they are scum, and they need to be busted in all eternity. In order to better themselves, they have to admit that THEY have to change not the world has to become worse so that THEY can feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, they are too much of cowards to do that.

16) As only Nazis were attending the alleged "assassination", the entire story including his alleged last sentence might be fabricated. Stauffenberg's "death certificate" might have been issued just to let him escape before the Allies moved in. STAUFFENBERG'S REMAINS NEVER WERE FOUND, how convenient for a guy who wants to get out before he is really put on trial and executed by the Allied Forces!

17) Just use common sense. Stauffenberg was a disgusting Nazi just like all the other Nazis. He supported Hitler and made a stiff Nazi career, which shows that he was an animal just like the others. When he knew that the Allied Forces moved in and that the Germans lost the war, he became fearful and he tried to safe his own life. Typically German.

The history and present time of Germany shows that they can't live in peace and can't leave others alone. In the same time, they suffer under their bad reputation, which not even the SEGNPMSS can erase that easily. But they work hard at it. They recruit Neo-Nazis, supremacists, Holocaust revisionists, they let other nations commit genocides, race wars, wars based of fake religious motivation ethnic cleansing, lynching, slavery and other Nazi-like atrocities in all kinds of countries in the world.

They constantly try to blame other nations (including USA and Israel) of being Nazis but conceal that it is the SEGNPMSS who orders these genocide, race wars, wars based of fake religious motivation ethnic cleansing, lynching, slavery and other Nazi-like atrocities. The SEGNPMSS, German psychiatrists and doctors, former barbers, and butchers are organizing the crimes against the humanities and are the reason why this planet is such a bad place.

The SEGNPMSS, the men behind Hitler helped him and other Nazis escape. Those Nazis who think that Hitler was a winner who came away by fooling the world should think again. Even if you come away, you have to be afraid being caught. This takes happiness and ease out of anybody's life. The crimes that you commit are tattooed forever in your personality. In other words: you stink horribly as human being. And you have to live with the knowledge what a monstrous person you are, it doesn't matter how you justify your crimes. And one day you will experience that physical death is not the final death, in other words, your body dies but the being who inhabited the body does not die. Technology exists to spot beings without bodies and determine who they were in earlier lifetimes. If your SEGNPMSS case officer radios to you know that this is not possible, be advised that he is lying to you. It is possible, and it means that people like Hitler or SEGNPMSS doctors will not just have their atrocious crimes as part of their appalling personalities but they can be also found, judged and sentenced. Does this really mean that Hitler or other Nazis and SEGNPMSS doctors came away? No, it doesn't because the last chapter with true justice Nazis and SEGNPMSS is not yet written.

There are two things in this universe that you cannot afford: 1) Being stupid 2) Committing crimes and committing crimes is stupid.

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